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In example below I will demonstrate how to use this tool on a project where I have two sensors I call inputs (temperature, photocell) hooked up on a Arduino. Lets assume I am running Google App Engine locally (http://localhost:8080/)
Initializing stream
All you need to do to initialize stream is to give it an ID. Stream ID is alphanumerical string. Streams are read/write and are public. No authentication is needed for accessing and modifying stream. You can add inputs as you go.
@@ -27,3 +28,33 @@ All you need to do to initialize stream is to give it an ID. Stream ID is alphan
+Reading stream data
+ Example: http://localhost:8080/api/get?stream=my_sensor_stream
+ API url: /api/get
+ Formats: json, csv
+ Method: GET
+ Returns: array of values
+ stream Stream identifier.
+ lastid Only outputs records with biggers id than lastid. Useful when fetching realtime data from service and you only need latest results.
+ format Defines type of response output.
+ limit Limits number of output records.
+Examples of usage: http://localhost:8080/api/get?stream=my_sensor_stream http://localhost:8080/api/get?stream=my_sensor_stream&format=json http://localhost:8080/api/get?stream=my_sensor_stream&lastid=50&limit=5&format=csv
+Examples of response: JSON [{ "input": "temperature", "data": "28", "id": 6, "datetime": "2012-09-27 00:54:00.441780" }, { "input": "photocell", "data": "897", "id": 5, "datetime": "2012-09-27 00:54:00.439565" }] CSV 6,2012-09-27 00:54:00.441780,temperature,28 5,2012-09-27 00:54:00.439565,photocell,897
+Adding tool data stream
+ Examples: http://localhost:8080/api/set?stream=my_sensor_stream
+ API url: /api/set
+ Method: POST
+ Returns: status
+Examples of usage: http://localhost:8080/api/set?stream=my_sensor_stream POST varibles with this request: key value -------------------------------- temperature 28 photocell 755 ...