abtts.gitCreate audiobooks from text files3 months
ai-generated-nytimes.gitHow would The New York Times look if it was generated by AI20 months
alternator.gitMinimal STG for my personal blog written in Go21 months
big-worlds-godot.gitCode for the Blog post11 months
clay9.gitA bunch of experiments with plan9/9front4 months
cord.h.gitSmall C library for handling strings3 months
curlcron.gitExecute curl request as a cron job4 months
dfd-rice.gitDebian for Developers Rice Distro21 months
dna-encoding.gitTools for encoding files to DNA sequence21 months
dte-extensions.gitUseful extensions for dte editor4 months
eoh.gitSmol game in raylib inspired by Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup2 months
errand.gitErrand - A simple task runner for the command line7 weeks
expanse.gitSimple game where you wander around space5 months
extending-lua.gitExtending Lua with C Primer4 months
gddg.gitCLI Search utility for DuckDuckGo3 months
hn-aggregated.gitAggregates Hackernews API into single JSON files4 months
i3blocks.gitMy i3blocks config and custom scripts2 months
itsalive.gitFetches and old website from Wayback Machine9 months
jbmafp.gitJust Build Me A Fucking Page7 weeks
journalctl-proxy.gitExposes your systemd logs to web via web interface21 months
machine-writing-a-blog.gitMachine writing a blog20 months
marionette.gitAutomated UI testing tool3 months
micro-rss-reader.gitMinimalistic RSS Reader with Web UI inspired by newsboat13 months website ( hours
mod-tinycache.gitTinyCache - Apache 2 Module8 months
moonshine.gitLua distribution for noobs2 months
mprogress.gitTiny utility that displays progress bar in terminal9 months
nanocloudlogger.gitSimple cloud based logger for microcontrollers21 months
not-garlic.gitCheck top 1 million websites for Onion header link presence4 months
p9tree.gitTree utility for Plan9 OS4 months
p9whub.gitStatic server for micro-blogging focused on running on Plan95 months
plutoterm.gitPluto - A cross-platform experimental terminal emulator4 months
qli.gitQuantum Lorem Ipsum CLI3 months
redis-marshal.gitLightweight Redis data exploration tool21 months
rss2epub.gitConverts RSS feeds into ePub format7 weeks
rssperado.gitCLI utility that fetches RSS feeds and also does other stuff4 months
scarecrow.gitMinimal configuration reverse proxy21 months
sift.gitLocal tool for doing code reviews on branches21 months
simpleapi.gitSimple API testing and documenting tool8 months
sleuthnews.gitSimple HackerNews iOS Application for all the lurkers out there4 months
tableofascii.gitShrine to ASCII tables4 months
telegram-exporter.gitExports Telegram data from Android device to local machine4 months
TurtleTweaks.gitWorld of Warcraft 1.12 Tweaks and Enhancements Addon2 weeks
vertex.gitCreate mock API's and enrich them with some basic logic21 months
village-creator.gitReal-time terrain and landscape generator16 months
void.gitReverse proxy and HTTP2 web server with Lua and automatic SSL19 months
weishaupt.js.gitWeishaupt.js - Poor man's Ambilight9 months
wow-tools.gitA bunch of tools for working with WoW4 months
yapyap.gitExperimental social site with focus on RSS2 months