moon-game.gitSimple experimental game about Moon base Mitja Felicijan12 days
mini-rpg.gitExperimental mini RPG inspired by Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Mitja Felicijan4 weeks
micro-rss-reader.gitMinimalistic RSS Reader with Web UI inspired by newsboat Mitja Felicijan5 weeks website ( Mitja Felicijan5 weeks
newsboat-web.gitWeb interface for Newsboat RSS reader Mitja Felicijan3 months
redis-elixir-book.gitBuilding Fast & Resilient Analytics Application with Elixir and Redis Mitja Felicijan3 months
village-creator.gitReal-time terrain and landscape generator Mitja Felicijan5 months
convert-getting-real-to-epub.gitConverts 37signals Getting Real book into ePub with Python Mitja Felicijan7 months
void.gitReverse proxy and HTTP2 web server with Lua and automatic SSL Mitja Felicijan8 months
soapbox.gitSimple messaging board written in Go and SQLite Mitja Felicijan8 months
crypto-price-forecaster.gitPredicting cryptocurrency prices Mitja Felicijan8 months
ai-generated-nytimes.gitHow would The New York Times look if it was generated by AI Mitja Felicijan8 months
machine-writing-a-blog.gitMachine writing a blog Mitja Felicijan8 months
yapyap.gitYapYap stylized feeds Mitja Felicijan8 months
throwaway-sql.gitSQLite as a service (throwaway databases) Mitja Felicijan8 months
nim-coap.gitConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP) implemented in Nim Mitja Felicijan9 months
alternator.gitMinimal STG for my personal blog written in Go Mitja Felicijan9 months
nim-libxbgi.gitBindings for libxbgi Mitja Felicijan9 months
kvstore.gitSimple Key Value store in Nim Mitja Felicijan9 months
dfd-rice.gitDebian for Developers Rice Distro Mitja Felicijan9 months
journalctl-proxy.gitExposes your systemd logs to web via web interface Mitja Felicijan9 months
nanocloudlogger.gitSimple cloud based logger for microcontrollers Mitja Felicijan9 months
sift.gitLocal tool for doing code reviews on branches Mitja Felicijan9 months
scarecrow.gitMinimal configuration reverse proxy Mitja Felicijan9 months
dna-encoding.gitTools for encoding files to DNA sequence Mitja Felicijan9 months
vertex.gitCreate mock API's and enrich them with some basic logic Mitja Felicijan9 months
redis-marshal.gitLightweight Redis data exploration tool Mitja Felicijan9 months
cellular-automata.gitCellular automata experiments Mitja Felicijan9 months